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Why Join CP Staffing & Events? 

Come and join an award winning agency! 

CP Staffing and Events core client sectors are within the Cleaning, Catering and Hospitality and Events markets, supporting staffing and recruitment needs across some of the UK’s most prestigious racecourses, music venues, sporting stadiums’ s and world-renowned music festivals across the UK, with our events teams working at events from London to Scotland, with Yorkshire being our home base and head office. Our events season is in full swing and are looking for new candidates to join our friendly and welcoming team. To register your interest, simply follow the link here

Northern Enterprise Awards 2021 

Title Awarded: Best Temporary & Permanent Recruitment Agency - Yorkshire. Assessment from Judging Panel 
CP Staffing & Events is also a fully accredited member of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, further demonstrating their level of reliability. Additionally, CP Staffing & Events have further shown their commitment to candidates by implementing a mental health & wellbeing support programme. This is of utmost importance, especially in recent times and shows that the company are putting in place initiatives to holistically support their staff. The experience of business leader, Paul Evans, has evidently been put to effective use. Despite being faced with overwhelming unforeseen challenges, he has managed to grow and expand their business, whilst committing to an unwavering standard of quality across several industries. 

Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2021 

Title Awarded: Best Catering & Events Recruitment Agency - Yorkshire, Assessment from Judging Panel 
The company is fervently dedicated to the Hospitality and Events industries, frequently and passionately promoting their job opportunities and exhibiting at major industry events. These factors, combined with the agency’s commitment to their employees’ wellbeing and high level of candidate satisfaction, indicate a well-rounded recruitment agency who will continue to flourish in the Hospitality and Event sectors. CP Staffing & Events are an exceptionally promising emergent agency and have stood firmly above the regional competition in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2021. 

Candidate Testimonials 

My time at CP? Unbelievable! The management feel like a home away from home! The clientele and staff that we work for/with are always friendly, always welcoming and always ready to have an easy and steady shift! The CP management is like something out of a flipping dream!!!! Never in my life have I worked for a company that felt so homely! Every time I see Paul, Dave, Amy or Jenna they always give me a smile and a wave (sometimes a little nudge for being late lol). CP is a company that I would recommend to anyone and everyone. 
Chardelle, Leeds 
When starting at CP I had never done bar work before and didn't have the slightest clue on what I was doing but after a few shifts with CP I managed to get the hang of it. Stuff like how to pour a pint was a breeze and remembering long orders became second nature. To the point where I even begun teaching other people how to do it. Now 8 months later I'm still working with CP and travelling to different cities each week all whilst meeting new people. Everyone at CP is fun to be around and very welcoming and if you ever have a problem, you know one of the bosses has got your back :) 
Bar Supervisor - Jack Dylan Wright 
CP Staffing and Events, Recognised the Importance of valuing our team for the hard work and commitment during 2021, including many awards, from most reliable, temp of the month and temp of Year. The awards party including free food from a tasty street food van, with tokens for free drinks at the bar during the night. 
Held at Blayds Bar, Leeds 

Candidate FAQs 


If your assignment is located out of Leeds, transport maybe be provided for you, if you have a local assignment, you are responsible for getting your own way there. 
Depending on the number of people working on the shift, this could be a coach, a car or train tickets. 
Details of Pick-Up times and meeting points will always be in your Assignment Confirmation. 


If you are a car driver, you may sometimes be asked to take some colleagues to an assignment with you. In return you will receive a payment to allow for petrol and your time. 


We are a National Living Wage employer, with our starting hourly rate at £10 per hour outside London and £10.85 inside London. 
Our weeks run from Monday-Sunday with payday occurring weekly on the following Friday. 



You accrue holiday on a weekly basis for all hours that you work and is paid on top of your hourly rate of pay. 
All holiday accruals are saved in a holiday pot for when you take some time out and are on holiday. 
You may request holiday pay at any time, providing us with 1 week’s minimum notice to payroll@cpstaffing.co.uk 
All Holiday pay requests will be paid the following Friday from the initial request. 
Holiday pay is calculated at the rate of 12.07% based on your average rate over 52 weeks. 


We have a large database of clients, ranging from Restaurants to Racecourses, Football Stadia to Museums and Offices to Festivals. 
Each venue is completely different, giving you the chance work in a variety of places throughout Yorkshire and beyond. 


Throughout the year, there is a vast array of different roles available. 
Events and Festivals offer roles ranging from Cleaning and Litter Picking, Bar and Waiting, Kitchen Porter to Chefs and Event Management. 
There are roles available to suit all experience and skill levels. 
Don’t worry if you don’t have experience in certain areas, CP Staffing are here to help and offer training and guidance to grow your skill sets to widen the variety of roles available to you. 
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