There is no doubt the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore is a huge loss of a remarkable character who captured the hearts of the nation in such a massive way when at the grand old age of Ninety-nine he decided he would walk round his garden in aid of NHS Charities Together, with the goal of raising £1,000 by his hundredth birthday. The rest as they say is history! He raised over £32 million pounds, was quite rightly knighted and became a National Treasure.  He was a true hero and an inspiration to many in the early days of the pandemic with his courage and determination to walk one hundred laps of his garden by his hundredth birthday!

He was Sir Captain Courageous! And the legacy he leaves means he will live on forever in the good the money he raised is doing and in our hearts! And the courage it took to embark on such a feat will inspire so many for years to come! A true legend!

So what is courage? What is it that makes somebody courageous?

Courage takes many forms. Some acts of courage are instantly recognisable. Soldiers fighting on the front line, risking their lives for their country. Somebody who suffers from a terminal illness and yet refuses to give in and inspires people in how they deal with it. The person who protects themselves, their family or the vulnerable against threats made to them. These indeed are examples of great courage!

Some acts of courage are less recognisable, which is perhaps why we don’t perceive them as such. They are great acts of courage all the same.

Courage is doing something you really don’t want to or are afraid of doing.

Courage is when you keep going even though you may feel overwhelmed and that it’s all too much.

Courage is holding your course when all the physical evidence says otherwise.

Courage is doing what you believe to be right, despite everybody else disagreeing with you.

Courage is staying true to you, your values and beliefs. It is about holding to these in the face of mounting opposition.

Courage is taking the first small step to make big changes.

Courage is overcoming fear and doubt to act on what you believe in.

Courage is admitting to yourself and others “I was wrong. I made a mistake. I’m sorry.”

Courage is being truthful and authentic with yourself, even if that hurts.

Courage is letting go. Letting go of people, events and situations that are holding you back.

Courage is being prepared to get uncomfortable, knowing that when you are uncomfortable, you are growing.

Courage is forgiveness of yourself and others.

Courage is keeping your faith and belief in your goals and doing whatever it takes to move you closer.

Courage is learning from setbacks and having another go.

Courage is seeking to understand others. To have empathy, compassion and being


Courage is taking on new challenges, even if you are scared and fearful.

Courage is working out how to overcome any obstacles that may come your way and not giving up.

Courage is strength! You are strong when you act feel and do everything with


Dale Carnegie said “Most of us have more courage than we ever dreamed we possessed.”

When you live your life in courage, anything is possible! It propels you forward and drives fear away. It gives you strength to keep going…even in times of doubt. Fear and doubt are banished when you acknowledge your courage within.  When you know that courage lives inside you, it is part of you and it is there for you to bring out and use any time you choose, just like Sir Captain Tom, who acted on his courage you can act on yours to embark on your own journey! You can own it and make use of this great gift we all have somewhere inside!

To bring it out, just think of all the times you have acted with courage. However small you perceive that act to be. No act of courage is small and insignificant! Each act is huge!  So celebrate each act of your own courage in a big way! You deserve it! You are a hero!

And Captain Sir Tom Moore we celebrate your courage, inspiration, determination, commitment, enthusiasm, legacy and your life in a big way! We salute you and thank you, our own special hero!

Article blog written by Janet Wilks, NLP Practitioner