As an NLP practitioner, a lot of the work I do focuses on the Reticular Activating System or RAS for short. Simply put (I like to keep things simple) the RAS is the brain’s information filtering system and each person’s RAS is unique to them.

We receive so much information at any given time, if this system did not exist, we would go into overload. The system works by filtering all the information we receive, then files it either in our unconscious or conscious mind, based on what makes sense to us according to our perspective of the world, through our beliefs, values, conditioning etc. Pretty good system.

RAS acts as a kind of door between the unconscious and conscious mind. Everything deemed not to make sense, useless, not relevant, goes straight into the unconscious and the door is closed. Leaving us with the information we can understand and makes sense to us, according to our view of the world.

 It is important to remember, our perspective of the world is totally unique to us. We all experience the world in a way that is completely individual to us!  (Hence a well known saying in NLP “The map is not the territory.”)

To give an example, if you buy a new car that is red, it seems all of a sudden that every other car you see on the road is red. It’s not that they’ve been in hiding waiting to pounce as soon as you got a red car, it’s just that you didn’t notice them before, as your focus was not on a red car, (unless of course your previous car was red!) so previous information you received that related to red cars was dumped in the unconscious mind, courtesy of your RAS.

Then when you became the proud owner of a red car, it became relevant to you, so information your brain received relating to red cars got promoted to the conscious mind and hey presto, you started seeing a lot of red cars!(And you will be thinking about red cars now, because I’ve mentioned them quite a bit!!). The red cars were always there, you just didn’t see them, as they were not relevant to you, so you didn’t focus on them!

 When you think about the things that you want in life which for you may be success, a wonderful job, money, happiness, great relationships, it is exactly the same principle. If you are not focusing on or not sure what it is you want, you will not be aware, not notice and will miss the opportunities, people, places and everything that is relevant to you achieving what you want in life.  However, as in the case of the red cars, they are still there, you are just not seeing them! As soon as you do, your RAS will spring into action!!

It’s generally easier for us to think about what we don’t want in our lives! Maybe a little trickier to think about what we really do want!! However, thinking this way can really hold us back from living the life we’d love to live!! So……..

Do not think of a pink elephant!!!!

I guarantee you are now thinking about a pink elephant!!! The brain is a tricky piece of kit!! It has to think about what it has been told not to think about, in order not to think about it!! (With me so far?) It does not compute a negative!! So when I am telling you not to think about a pink elephant, your brain does not hear “not” it just hears “Do think of a pink elephant!”

 You probably will have experienced this for yourself! Ever been out for dinner in a white top said to yourself “Don’t drop food on it!” And of course you do? Or carried mugs of coffees and said to yourself “Don’t spill them!” And as if by magic, that’s exactly what happens? It’s all down to the brain not being able to recognise the negative command you gave yourself and just hears “Drop food on it!” or “Spill them!” It is not you being clumsy, it is your brain carrying out your command in the only way it knows how! I’m sure you can think of a few examples of your own!

So if you are thinking about all the things you don’t want, your brain will just take that as what you do want!

I don’t want to be ill.

I don’t want to be broke.

I don’t want to be out of work.

I don’t want to be unhappy.

And the brain will do its job and your ever efficient RAS will throw all the things relevant to being ill, broke, out of work, unhappy out of the unconscious mind and into the conscious mind, as that is where your focus is! The exact opposite of what you want!

There is a great exercise that will help you think about what you do want, if you are not too sure, rather than what you don’t want! And then your focus will shift!

Draw a line down the middle of a piece of paper. On the left hand side head it “What I don’t want.” and on the right hand side the heading “What I do want.”

Start listing all the things you don’t want such as “I don’t want to be ill” “I don’t want to be broke” etc., whatever you don’t want in your life write it down on your list!

Once you have completed your list of what you don’t want, then you turn your attention to what you do want! Which is the exact opposite!   So for instance if the first thing on the left hand side is “I don’t want to be ill” then the opposite of that is “I want to be healthy” which you write down on the right hand side as the first thing. Continue doing this all the way down your list until you have completed the “What I do want” column as the exact opposite of everything you have listed in the “What I don’t want” column.

And then you cross off, rub out, everything on your “What I don’t want” list and now you are left with your positively stated and completed “What I do want” list.

 All you have to do then is focus on those things you want. Imagine them! Visualise! What will you be seeing, hearing and feeling? What will you be doing? Where will you be? What will be happening? What will people be saying to you?

When you do that, the door is opened! Your RAS is activated, which will then filter all the info you receive relating to what you are focused on into the right place, the conscious mind. When that happens, not only has the door opened, your mind has opened.

 It’s opened up to possibilities, opportunities and ways on how you can get what you want, because your RAS is working in its usual efficient way and filing everything relevant to what you are focused on in the conscious mind. So what you couldn’t see previously, you can now see clearly!

So get your RAS dazzling and get the results you want!

Article written by Janet Wilks, NLP Practioner and work coach

With all the negative things that are happening right now, COVID, lockdown, job losses, economy, it is understandable that we may be living in fear, rather than living in hope, as it all seems pretty hopeless!

Fear is ok in its place and in short bursts! It is part of our built in survival instinct and can keep us alive in a life or death situation when the fight or flight response kicks in and that’s great!

However living in a constant state of fear is certainly not good for our well being and can lead to all sorts of health problems!

Hope on the other hand is the opposite of fear! It’s what keeps us going, gives us something to live for and the belief that something good will happen! Or as Aristotle put it “Hope is a Waking Dream.”

Hope is looking at what’s the best that can happen, rather than what’s the worst that can happen, which is what we do when we are living in fear!

So how can we live in hope rather than fear particularly in these challenging times?

The first thing to do is to identify and acknowledge your fears. Sit down for a few minutes and think about what is you are afraid of! Be in the present! Be specific!  Notice the thoughts and feelings that come up! Notice what is going on inside! What are you seeing? What are you hearing? What are you feeling?

Write it all down! List it all! Everything!! It gets it out of your head and down on paper! Go through the list for a few minutes and then screw it up and bin it!! Or set fire to it! Or swallow it!! Get rid of it!!  The act of doing this installs in your mind that you have identified, faced and acknowledged those fears and they no longer have power over you, because you have taken your power back!

And that frees your mind up to focus on Hope!

What is it that you hope for? Even if it seems impossible at the moment do not be limited by your perspective of the evidence available!!

I remember many years ago when there were several fairly unsuccessful attempts to make a film of “Lord of the Rings.”

“Nobody will ever be able to make a film of it using people” I declared (Meaning it could only be made as an animation) ”They would never be able to create the characters or the places as they are in the book or tell the story in one film.” And then I said those dreadful words “it’s impossible!”

Well of course, in 1974, it was true that the technology was not available, the right film maker with the right vision was not around, the actors, sets, etc. and therefore, with all that evidence I could not see how it could possibly ever happen!

Fast forward another 30 odd years, not only was it possible, it became brilliantly, stunningly real and I was there at the premiere every year for all three films!

So whenever you believe “It’s impossible!” do not let your own perspective limit your hopes! Rather than think “impossible”, change your thinking to “Maybe not possible yet” and of course “yet” could mean a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year). It opens up your mind to believing in possibilities! 

 Sit yourself down, let your mind drift and really focus on your hopes and dreams! And believe in their possibility! Be unlimited in your thinking!! Be hopeful!!! Be present and in the now!!

So what are your hopes?  Hopefully, going on a dream holiday?  Hopefully, COVID being eliminated? Hopefully, being able to socialise again? Hopefully, landing the dream job? Hopefully, getting back to work?  Visualise! (And we can all do that because if I ask you “What is the colour of your front door” you would have to bring a picture of it into your mind to be able to tell me!)  How happy are you feeling? What great things are you seeing and hearing? Crank it up! Have fun with it!!

 Write it all down! What you are hoping for in your life? Then stick it up somewhere you can see it!! Keep it uppermost in your mind!  Play with it! Add to it!

 This will increase your belief and faith that “Anything is possible!” No matter how impossible and hopeless it may seem at the moment!

And if fear starts creeping back into your mind, you banish it with your big bold beautiful hopes!

Neale Donald Walsch an American author and speaker said “It is never hopeless, because you are never helpless.”

So when you help yourself to hopefulness you will have the energy and motivation to focus on all things positive because you have opened your mind to the hope of possibilities without a limited perspective!

And we all have unlimited perspective! It’s just that at times we don’t realise it!

When we look out on the horizon, the point where land and sky meet-how do we know there is something beyond what we are seeing? How do we know that it does not stop there?

We just know. We understand that what we are seeing is an illusion. We have no doubt whatsoever that what we see as the horizon, is due to our limited perspective of how far we can see.

We know there is something beyond, we know our vision is limited. We have an unlimited perspective of what is beyond what we are seeing!

So, if we have so much hope, faith, belief and trust that there is something beyond the horizon, even though we can’t see it, we can apply that hope, faith, belief and trust in other things we can’t physically see. We know we can because we already do it!

When we know without question, there is so much more beyond what we can see. When we totally understand we have a limited physical perspective of what is real. When we believe, completely, in the endless and limitless. How much more would we broaden our horizons of hope, faith belief, trust and limitless, endless possibilities?

Fear – Face Everything And Rise!

Hope – Have Only Positive Expectations!

And then we are truly living our lives Hope Full and Fear Less!

Article Blog, Written by Janet Wilks, NLP Practictioner and Coach.

Written by Janet Wilks, NLP Practitioner and Coach

In these very strange and scary times, it is easy to think that we no longer have control over our own lives! Imposed lockdown, the threat of the virus, job loss, redundancies, loss of income, financial hardship and not having the freedom we are so used to having, to do and go where we want! No wonder it may seem that way!

 The bad news is that if you don’t take control of your life, someone or something else will and that can lead to worry, anxiety, stress and the feeling of “my life is spiralling out of control!”

So take time to think about what you can control and what you can’t in your life right now!

The lockdown? Out of your control! Somebody else’s decision! The virus? Well probably not much point trying to appeal to its better nature! Job loss or redundancy? Not something you could control, businesses are having to close, due to the current situation which means laying off staff and making redundancies. Lack of freedom? Not being able to see friends and family? Again, totally out of your control, until the lockdown is lifted!

 It may seem at the moment that every area of our life is out of our control, which can result in us feeling frustration, anger, sadness and every other negative emotion. Not a good place to be!

There are two areas of life. Things we can control, things we cannot control.  There is no point spending time and energy worrying about what we cannot control! All the stressing and anxiety in the world will not change it and it is certainly not good for our health to live like that!

The good news is, you can do something!!

You can choose to put that time and energy into looking at what you can control in your life! Despite the circumstances! Make the choice that you are in control of your life and not events and situations! Even if you start with just one small thing, it’s a step in the right direction!

When you take back control and take responsibility for one area of your life, then the other areas start to come together. Get it all under your control by fixing the things you can in each area of your life.

Lockdown? Walks? Exercise? Learn something new? Decorate? Listen to music? Watch films? Paint? Write?

Job loss or redundancy? Update your CV? Increase your skills with a course? Plan a career change? Set time aside each day to scan the job sites? Volunteer work?

Family and friends? Zoom? Messenger? Phone? Email? Face time? Letter? Wave from the street?

Financial worries? Budgeting? Selling stuff? Cancelling that gym membership? Changing supermarkets? Have a good look at outgoings and incomings?

What will you choose to do that will put you back in charge of your life? What is the first area you will do it in and why? Make a plan! And remember if you do nothing that is still a choice!!

Once you have a plan to deal with your situation, it puts you firmly back in control. You will be energised, happier and focused. You will no longer be stuck and feeling a victim of circumstances!

There is no point in blaming what is currently going on for how awful life is at the moment! Focus instead on what you can change, what you can do next to make life better! Take control. Take responsibility.

Take action in spite of how you feel. By taking action, you will gradually start to think and feel differently. You are back in control of your life! You are in charge of it!! No lockdown, virus, job loss etc., can take that away! It’s the one thing you can always have!! If you choose to!!

And it’s worth remembering that even in everyday normal life (Not just life at the moment!) between stimulus (An event/situation/circumstance that happens to us) and response (How we respond to that event/situation/circumstance) is choice.

Events and circumstances happen to us! That’s life! What we do have is a choice in how we respond to what is happening! Whatever the situation is! We can choose! That cannot be taken from us!

Somebody cut you up in traffic? Your choice how you respond! Partner/colleague upset you? Your choice how you respond! Anything that happens to us, whatever it is, instead of the immediate kneejerk reaction, in that instant between the event and how we react, we can choose how we will respond! We alone are responsible for the choices we make! The word responsibility is just that!

Response-Ability. The ability to choose your response.

Now that really is taking control!!!

Going into lockdown, Covid19 cases on the rise, businesses closing down, Christmas on the way, dark nights here, long winter looming, not able to see loved ones, job security,  money concerns, worrying about self or family getting the dreaded virus! Have I missed anything? Have you have added a few of your own?

In times of uncertainty, which we are certainly facing at the moment, it is natural to have some worry and anxiety. It comes down to our basic need for survival and security which is built into all of us and is part of who we are! So please do not be anxious about feeling a little anxious! You just don’t want too much of it!!

A gentleman named Abraham Maslow an American psychologist even created a pyramid about it and called it “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.” The 5 level pyramid has Physiological at the bottom level, which is basically all the things vital for survival such as breathing, food, water, warmth etc.,  followed by Safety at the next level, which includes health and wellness, financial and job security, safety from accident and injury etc.  Then moving up the levels the next is Love/Belonging, followed by Esteem and then at the top of the pyramid is Self-Actualisation. Maslow believed that all people have a genuine wish and desire to be everything they could be (Self Actualisation) however to achieve this the basic needs have to be fulfilled.

 Looking at what is going on at the moment, it probably is fair to say that it is a bit of a challenge to get those basic needs at the bottom two levels of the pyramid met!  However when those basic needs aren’t being fulfilled, this can lead to health issues, stress and can really affect our well- being!

Another “Survival Instinct” we have is what’s called “Fight or Flight” again, built into us and came in very useful for our very early ancestors back in the day when predators were roaming the land and man was seen as a tasty bit of lunch!! Basically, when faced with danger, hormones are released, adrenaline is released, heart rate increases, breathing becomes more rapid, pupils dilate, blood supply increases so that the threat can be dealt with by facing and fighting it or running away as fast as you can! Once the threat has passed, everything returns to normal! (It is a little bit more scientific than this, but you get the idea!)

That was ok for running away from a lion or tiger or fighting a bear, but we still have that instinct built into us and it can be triggered by  financial difficulties, illness, job loss, bereavement, tension with family members, in fact anything that can create a stress response (because that’s what flight or fight response is). The problem is that nowadays as it’s usually an ongoing situation that’s causing the response and the changes our body goes through in preparation for fight or flight don’t have anywhere to go because we are not literally fighting or fleeing! Again, not good for our health and well-being!

So although some anxiety and worry are natural feelings to have during stressful times, when it starts to take over your life and has a negative impact on your health and well-being, it’s time to fight(not flee!!) and take back control once again!

Most of the things we worry about are future based! So we get caught up being anxious about what might happen, rather than what is happening right now! The “What ifs” the “What may happen” and once we start imagining all the worst case scenarios of what could go wrong, then we are lost in our own minds! Our mind is controlling us, rather than us controlling our mind! Not a good place to be!

The mind can be distracted from this future thinking by exercising, going for walks, learning something new, or as Mark Twain said “The best way to cheer yourself up, is to cheer somebody else up!” Anything that will stop your mind going into overdrive as that really is not good for your health!

Mark Twain also said “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which have never happened!” And this is such a true statement!

Something that is very useful in getting that control of your mind back is Mindfulness!  And it is so easy to do! It’s about being in the present moment! Instead of worrying and getting anxious about what might happen, you become aware of what is happening right now!

One way to do this is when you find your mind racing off into the future doom and gloom and that internal chatter starts, just bring yourself back to now by doing something as simple as concentrating on your breathing, which you are doing now! Or look at something in the room and really notice it, which you can only do now. At the end of the day, now is all we have! When we are stressing and anxious about an imagined future event, we are doing it in the now, when we bring up a past memory we are doing it in the now! Tomorrow never comes! It is always now!

So what is happening right at this moment now? Are you safe right at this moment? Are you ok right at this moment? Yes? Then let the anxiety and worry go because all that matters is right now! Not what may or may not happen in the future! If everything is ok at this precise moment and you can stay in the moment, then you will be far better equipped to deal with anything you need to, if and when it arises.

This is not about hiding your head in the sand! This is about living in each moment, because when you are fully present (as in the present) you will have more clarity and focus to make calm informed decisions and plans, rather than those made in anxiety, fear and worry!

Anytime you feel your mind racing ahead, just bring it back to now! That puts you back in the driving seat! Rather than being taken for a ride by your mind!

Notice your thoughts! How long between each one? A great way to stay in the present!

There is a great book by Eckhart Tolle titled “The Power of Now” which I would highly recommend! He also has some great stuff on YouTube and he is the master of being in the present!

Just remember, life happens in the present! As author Bil Keane says “The past is history, the future is a mystery, but today is a gift that is why it’s called The Present!” So give yourself a gift and take back control of your mind NOW!

Confidence is having a belief in yourself and your ability. You may be the most confident person in the world on a day to day basis, until something throws a spanner in the works!

Job interviews can have a way of doing this! Particularly at this present time with job losses and redundancies, there is more competition than ever to land that role! So understandably those normally high confidence levels you usually have can take a little tumble with the interview not going as well as you hoped, resulting in disappointment at not getting it and confidence levels taking another tumble!

It may be that you don’t have any confidence in yourself or your abilities, so shy away from applying for roles that you would love to go for, or maybe you do apply, get to the interview stage but believe “I am not good enough!” or “I’d never get it!” And then Surprise! Surprise! Just to prove you right you don’t!!

Confidence is about knowing yourself and being yourself. It’s about being authentic and true to yourself.

Anchoring is an excellent NLP technique that enables you to get into the most powerful positive state, for a particular task or event such as a job interview and then being able to access that state, exactly when you need it!

When you hear a song and it brings back memories of a particular time and the thoughts and feelings associated with those memories that is anchoring! It may be someone that you see that does it, or the touch of something, those memories and thoughts come flooding back without even trying!!

And the good thing is you can create an anchor for confidence! How good would that be to go into an interview with?

Everything we experience is due to information we take in through our senses. Seeing (visual), hearing (auditory), feelings and touch (kinaesthetic), smell (olfactory), and taste (gustatory). In NLP we call these modalities. Then each of these are broken down into elements of those senses such as a picture being bright or dark, a sound be loud or soft and so on and these are known as submodalities.

To give you an understanding of how powerful anchoring is, here is an example.

Creating a Confidence Anchor

Think of a time when you were at your most confident. (If for any reason you cannot think of a time, imagine what it would be like to be confident).

Once you are aware of the image, sounds and feelings, the aim is to make that confident state as powerful as possible.

To do this, we use the submodalities. So for instance, if you are seeing a picture (visualising), is the image bright or dull? Is it in colour or black and white? Is it in focus or out of focus? If you are using hearing (auditory) is the volume loud or quiet? High or low pitch? Is the tone good or not? If you are using feeling/touch (kinaesthetic) is it warm or cold? Rough or smooth? Heavy or light? And what are you feeling?

So you want to notice the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic that make the feeling stronger. (Tip: You may find it useful to imagine you are holding a TV remote control in your hand, so you are able to turn up/down colour, brightness, volume, heat, happy, etc.)

Notice how the feeling moves through your body and build the feeling as it moves.

As you concentrate on the feeling, continue to adjust the submodalities (using your remote control) and build the experience. Check on a scale of 1-10 how strong it is (1 weakest 10 strongest). When you are at 8, lightly press your thumb and forefinger together and continue to press until the feeling is at its most powerful. (10). (Pressing the thumb and finger together is called the trigger and can be used discreetly! You could choose another trigger but probably not a good idea to go into an interview pressing your finger on your nose or pulling on your ear!!)

Take a break for a minute or so to “Break State.” (Think of something else).

To test the anchor Press the same thumb and forefinger together and notice what happens! That confident state should be re-accessed as soon as you do!

If not, just start the process again. It maybe you were not creating the anchor when the experience was at its height so keep practicing and keep working at it! It will happen!

When the anchor is created successfully, you will know and then some!!

You can use this technique for any positive state you want to create not just for confidence! Happiness, motivation, resourcefulness, inspiration, resilience, joy, the list goes on!! Anchoring is also really useful for these strange times we are going through by changing thoughts and feelings of stress and anxiety (negative states) into positive states!

Another good exercise to build confidence is to acknowledge and value your achievements!

Write them down! As many as you can! Aim for 100! Difficulty remembering? Write them down by decade. So for instance if you are 40, what did you achieve between 0 and 10? Then 11-20? And so on! You will be surprised how much comes back to you!

Remember to include things like learning to walk and talk, two of the greatest feats you achieve in life! You did it yourself!

Learning to walk, no matter how many times you fell over, you got back up and kept going! You never gave up! You did it! Same with talking! Include learning to swim, riding a bike, passing your driving test, all great achievements!

Keep adding to it. When your confidence hits a low spot, read your list to remind yourself of how much success you have had and how much you have achieved in your life so far!

A fantastic and great read, written by our NLP Practitioner and coach, Janet Wilks!

Janet Wilks, NLP Practitioner and Coach

In these uncertain and anxious times, with all areas of business suffering the consequences of COVID19 many of us have felt the impact and many more will do through redundancy and job loss. 

The result of this can be devastating on our well- being, creating feelings of anger, stress anxiety, disbelief, a sense of guilt, uncertainty about the future, lack of confidence and self- worth. All of these feelings can have a negative effect on our health, both physically and mentally and apart from ailments and illness, can also cause lack of concentration, difficulty sleeping amongst other things and an even more severe effect such as depression. 

Of course, it is natural to go through these negative emotions when losing your job. After all it is a big part of your life! It gives you a sense of belonging, stability, a sense of achievement, financial security, routine, being part of a team, so losing that does create feelings of loss, the same feelings experienced in the break- up of a relationship or bereavement. 

And yes, it is fine to allow yourself to feel that way at first, shed a few tears, feel sorry for yourself, worry about the future, listen to all the doom and gloom stories. However, our bodies and minds are not designed to sustain all these negative thoughts and feelings and spending too long with them will cause problems! 

So how you can you change all the negative thoughts and worries that come with losing your job into positive ones so you are more able to stay fighting fit both mentally and physically? 

In NLP there is a technique called Reframing. Basically, it is a different way of looking at a situation. Seeing something in a new way, changing a point of view, so although the facts are still the same, you change perspective and see it from another angle. Recognising positive options and opportunities instead of negative problems. Listening to stories of triumph over adversity rather than stories of sinking without trace! 

When you change the frame on a painting, the painting isn’t changed but it can give it a whole new appearance!  

It’s simply saying “Instead of thinking of it that way, think of it this way!” 

So how can you reframe job loss and redundancy into a positive? 

Well you can think of it as a new start! Take stock of where you are in life! What do you really want?   

Reflect on where you are at the moment and where you want to be! Do you want a career change? Move to another part of the country? Move abroad? Go trekking up the Andes? Do something completely different? Spend more time at home? Go to college and study? Play about with this! Have fun with it!  Use your imagination!  

Think of it as a new opportunity! What about skills you might want to brush up on? Or a course you might want to do online, but have never had the time because of work! What about volunteer work you may be interested in? 

Get yourself registered with Recruitment Agencies. Update your CV with the skills and experience you have! You’ll be surprised how much you do know that you took for granted! Great for the confidence and self- esteem! 

Keep yourself fit! Walking is a great way to give you time to reflect and think about what you really want from life! 

Share your experience! Nothing is more healing than helping others in a similar situation! 

Once you start reframing in the positive, you will come up with your own ideas! Trust me! 

And to really give yourself a boost in the confidence and self-esteem department, try this little exercise. 

Write down a minimum of five things in each section below. Think about each one. It needs to be true and can be personal or work related. It’s great for confidence building, CV building and recognising your own skills. 

Things I’m good at 

Things I enjoy 

Things others like about me 

Things I like about myself 

And then to add to that identify two of your personal skills and two of your qualities that you are particularly proud of! (Skill is something learned quality is a personal trait). 

And probably one of the biggest reframes of all, as a good friend said to me, is to understand, it was not you that was made redundant, it was the role!!  You are not defined by what you do, you are defined by who you are! What you are being rather than what you are doing! Always, always remember that!!!

Its official, We have now moved into our new offices on Park Place in Leeds.

Our New Office address is: 1st Floor, 7 Park Place, Leeds, LS1 2RU.

On top of this I’m excited to announce the launch of our new company CPFM supporting clients with a soft facilities management service including cleaning, maintenance and antiviral decontamination from the 1st September 2020!

The future is looking super exciting for us!

I’m very proud to announce that CP Staffing and Events are now fully qualified and approved as a Corporate Member of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation! Satisfying the REC criteria and committing to the Code of Professional Practice.

This just shows how passionate and serious myself and the team are about Recruitment, ensuring only the top quality service to candidates and clients alike!


Following government guidance on Staying safe in the work place, we have Introduced COVID-19 Workplace rules;


Keep a safe distance of 2 meters where possible from work colleagues.


Wash hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds.


If our employees have been supplied with or requested PPE equipment, they must wear it all times in the workplace.


Our employees are provided with the necessary PPE to ensure the Health and Safety of our clients, colleagues and the public.


If our employees feel unwell at any point they must report this to their supervisor/manager asap.


If our employees feel unwell before they come to work they have been requested to contact their line manager prior to their shift starting.


*Unwell being a cough, temperature or loss of taste or smell*


If they feel anybody in the workplace is not complying with the workplace rules and they feel unsafe they must report this to their manager/supervisor as soon as possible.


CP Staffing and Events are launching their Care Division in a matter of days rather than months after changing our business structure and plan to bring the care division forward due to the affects it has had on our events division and the urgent need of support needed within the Health Care Sector.

As many people have been affected by COVID-19, business, communities and people, we are reviewing our policies and procedures on a regular basis in line with Government guidelines, keeping our candidates and clients up to date and ensuring everyone’s health and safety remaining the number one priority.

In line with the current updates, CP Staffing are working from home and are recruiting candidates for the Health Care sector, ranging from Cleaners/Housekeepers, Catering and Kitchen Assistants, Care Assistants and Chefs/cooks to support Local Care and Residential Homes across Yorkshire.




Our candidates will have virtual face to face interviews and online registrations which include validating appropriate DBS’s checks, qualifications and reference checks, we will also provide clients with a profile brief on each candidate prior to their first shift.

In addition we are offering care assistants who have worked in the industry the opportunity to undertake the Care Certificate free of charge, to support them and their career and also ensuring our candidates have regular and ongoing training whilst they are working with our clients.

If you would like to find out more on how we can support you then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0113 450 8505.

Be Safe, Stay Safe