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Life After Lockdown?

So as we begin to move slowly out of lockdown and we can see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, what does that mean to you? How will life be for you after lockdown? There is no doubt that what we have been through the last year is unprecedented! We have […]


It probably would be fair to say that the last year has been like no other we have ever experienced! It has been a time of uncertainty, worry, doubt, anxiety, fear and has also produced a huge number of ANTS!!! Little wonder then that our happiness and confidence levels in ourselves, the world, the situation […]

The Third Person!

Imagine you have an ongoing problem you want to solve and you have called a meeting with three people that you are hoping will be able to help with ideas and solutions. Two of these people, chatter non-stop, coming up with the same old ideas and solutions and the more you listen, the more you […]

Yours Truly!

You have decided to make changes. You know what changes you need to make, the decisions to be taken. You have decided on what you want to do. You have told yourself that in taking this action, it means success, happiness, a sense of achievement, freedom, fulfilling your dream and yet…….. You still haven’t done […]

Baby Steps and Giant Leaps!

At long last, the end of the road is in sight! And what a long road it has been! And even though there may still be a way to go, we do know we are heading in the right direction! Martin Luther King said “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the […]

A Compromising Position!

The situation we find ourselves in at the moment means we are all having to compromise in different areas of our lives. Unable to see family, friends and loved ones, unable to go away on holiday, having to work from home, instead of being in the office with our teams and colleagues, unable to do […]

Happy 1st Birthday – CP staffing and Events

Happy 1st Birthday to us! CP Staffing and Events celebrates its 1st Birthday after officially launching in February 2020! A mixed bag of emotions to say the least, no one could have predicted or expected what challenges and hurdles 2020 would throw at us. As a new start up and during a pandemic, we kept […]

Lost in Transaction!

Transactional Analysis! It was founded by Dr. Eric Berne and although it sounds a bit of a mouthful and may look a bit complicated, once you have a basic knowledge of how it works, it’s a brilliant way to improve communication by understanding how we communicate and behave as well as how others do. Basically, […]

Captain Courageous

There is no doubt the death of Captain Sir Tom Moore is a huge loss of a remarkable character who captured the hearts of the nation in such a massive way when at the grand old age of Ninety-nine he decided he would walk round his garden in aid of NHS Charities Together, with the goal […]

Filter Tips!

Each one of us will “Filter” information we receive, we will delete, distort and do what we need to do with it to make it “fit” into our own unique version of the world and our own unique perspective on how the world is. In NLP these are known as Meta programmes. Answering the following […]