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So as we begin to move slowly out of lockdown and we can see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel, what does that mean to you? How will life be for you after lockdown?

There is no doubt that what we have been through the last year is unprecedented! We have never been in a situation like it!  Forced to stay at home, social distancing, unable to see family and friends, unable to travel or go to events or for some of us go to work, unable to shop or go to the pub!

And the anxiety and fear we have been through because of this awful virus, worrying that we or our loved ones may become infected and that the worst could happen.

And each of us will have got through the days in the best way that we could for us. And now, we can look forward with the hope that we can at last get our lives back and the world will return to some kind of normal!

But what does that mean for you? What would be normal for you after all this?

There will be some of us who are anxious about returning to “normal.” Going into the office and having to commute after working from home for a year could induce panic and distress because we are leaving our “bubble!” Going to the pub, meeting friends, going shopping for clothes, could all produce feelings of anxiety! Remember we have had the message rammed into us to “Stay home” and “Stay safe” for a year!

And we have built this protective “bubble” around ourselves to keep us as safe as possible, the best way we know how, whatever that entailed, so to now come out of it, is a risk!! (In our minds!)

 So if we now leave home does that mean we are not safe? These sort of thoughts are quite normal, given the number of times we have heard the message, which then becomes ingrained in our subconscious and installs itself as a belief! Which has worked because the majority of us have done! So to uninstall that belief is not going to happen in a day!

In order to uninstall it, we need to plant a new belief built around being safe even if we are not at home! And looking at the evidence to back it up! So what is the evidence that says it is now safe to leave that bubble and return to work/meet up with friends/go to the pub etc.?

That is what you need to focus on, if you do have feelings of anxiety and fear about returning to “normal.” A shift in belief!

It is easy for that “bubble” to become a prison! So we need to make a break for freedom!

It has been tough! And we have had to be tough to get through it and survive! So if there is some anxiety and concern about life after lockdown, then just allow yourself to feel it and acknowledge it, not push it down! Then you can deal with it! So you can then begin to enjoy life again as you want to! Without restrictions!!

I’m sure the majority of us who will never take things for granted again! Meeting up with friends, being in crowds, a full pub, a concert, holidays, travelling, being with friends and family and many, many other things that we did without even thinking about it!

There are five questions that you can ask yourself that you may find helpful as we look to a brighter future and begin to finally take the road to freedom.

What am I going to stop doing?

What am I going to start doing?

What am I going to do more of?

What am I going to do less of?

What am I going to keep doing?

And maybe the good things that comes out of this and a lesson we will learn from it, is to be grateful for all we have and not to waste time worrying about things that just aren’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

Spend more time with our families and friends, do the things we always wanted to do but were afraid to, take more risks, opportunities and give thought to our purpose in life.

Understanding that life is meant to be lived, fully, totally, abundantly, gratefully and with great joy and happiness. Enjoying every moment and not wasting a second, or holding back because of fear.

Then we really will have Life after Lockdown!

Article Blog Written by Janet Wilks, NLP Coach and Practitioner!

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