Imagine you have an ongoing problem you want to solve and you have called a meeting with three people that you are hoping will be able to help with ideas and solutions.

Two of these people, chatter non-stop, coming up with the same old ideas and solutions and the more you listen, the more you feel frustrated that they aren’t coming up with anything new or anything you haven’t already thought of! Yet they still keep nattering away!!

The third person sits very quietly not making any contribution, mainly because the other two are doing all the talking so they don’t get chance to! You would really like to get their thoughts on how to solve this problem, because you have a feeling they could come up with some great ideas but you know that if you do ask them, the other two will just keep butting in! So this third person won’t get a chance to put their ideas forward in the way that could be useful!

You are getting more and more frustrated at the rubbish that is coming out of their mouths and you decide that the best way to talk to this third person, is by getting the other two out of the room!

So you come up with an excuse as to why they need to leave the room. Maybe to get coffees, go to lunch, get some information, whatever it is, once they have gone, you can totally concentrate on what this third person has to say, without being distracted by the other two!

And before too long, this third person has given you the ideas, insights and plenty of information to be able to solve the problem, without the other two being there!

  Now think of the two people as your conscious mind and the third person as your subconscious mind!

Albert Einstein said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

We create our problems in our conscious mind and then we try and solve them using our conscious mind, so we end up not finding a solution! We cannot solve it from where we created it!

Our subconscious mind has all the ideas and all the answers. It has stored every single bit of information we have ever received in our lives! And yet, we leave it sitting around, twiddling its thumbs and not contributing. Instead we struggle to find the answer from our conscious thought, which is where the problem has manifested in the first place! Our subconscious already knows the answers and solutions we just don’t know that it knows!

And just as the two people (your conscious mind) in the room were nattering non- stop and not being very helpful, the third person (your subconscious mind) was not able to contribute because of the other two not giving them chance to! So nothing was getting resolved.

Until you distracted the other two and sent them out of the room!!! Then you were able to talk to your subconscious, which came up with everything you needed!

So the trick is, when you are doing your best to resolve something in your life, it is your subconscious mind that you need to be speaking to and in order to do that you need to distract that pesky conscious mind, as it is not going to come up with the answers you need!

Once you have the answers, then you use your conscious mind to drive them forward, as it is logical, analytical, aware and will get things done! So it does have its uses! But because it is very structured, it is very difficult to make changes using the conscious mind!

How many times have you forgotten where you left your keys? Or seen someone you know and just can’t remember their name? Or watched an actor in something and it drives you mad trying to think what you saw them in before? And then you start to do something else, washing up, reading a book, writing a memo, playing with the kids or any other activity and suddenly the answer comes to you! You remember!! It’s because your conscious mind was distracted doing something else, so it gave your subconscious mind the chance to come up with the answer!

There are four questions you can ask yourself that may seem a bit weird, repetitious and confusing, especially question four, but that is the point! Asked in the order they are written they are a great way to muddle or distract the conscious mind, leaving the subconscious mind to come up with hidden answers and perspectives. After you answer each question dig deeper and keep asking yourself “What else?” until you are satisfied you’ve captured everything you need.

You may find the answers don’t come straight away or that you get stuck on one of the questions and that’s fine as the questions may take a while to fully register. Just have the faith and belief that your subconscious will come up with the answers! When we give our subconscious mind a command, it will carry it out to the letter! It never questions our orders, it just gets to work on it straight away!

  1. What will happen if I do…………….(fill in the blank)?
  2. What won’t happen if I do…………(fill in the blank)?
  3. What will happen if I don’t ….……(fill in the blank)?
  4. What won’t happen if I don’t…….(fill in the blank)?

After each question keep asking “What else?”

So now you can go straight to the third person for answers and insights, rather than putting up with the nattering or chattering of the other two as you’ve managed to get them out of the way!

And this third person will come up with answers and solutions, through their unlimited power, intelligence, ideas and wisdom.

And they will report back to you when they have those solutions, through hunches, perspectives, impulses, intuition, insight and feelings.

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