At long last, the end of the road is in sight! And what a long road it has been! And even though there may still be a way to go, we do know we are heading in the right direction!

Martin Luther King said “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

And although we can’t see that the steps put in place for the roadmap out of lockdown mean that by June we will have the freedom to live without fear and restrictions denied to us for what seems so long, it is all about taking the first step with faith, hope and optimism for the future.

It may still seem a long way off till June, but this is about baby steps, a small amount of progress to achieve something worthwhile and wonderful! And so each baby step taken should be celebrated because it is moving us ever closer to our glorious outcome!

Baby step 1 in March.  Includes Schools opening, two people meeting from different households outside, later in March people allowed to meet outside with one other household or rule of six! Celebrate!! Getting closer!

Baby step 2 in April.  Includes Shops, hairdressers, nail bars, gyms, and spas open, restaurants and pubs will be able to serve people outside! Celebrate!! Getting closer still!!

Baby step 3 in May. Includes groups of thirty outdoors, six people or two households indoors, pubs, restaurants serving indoors, hotels open! Celebrate! Even closer still!!

Baby step 4 in June. The outcome!! All legal limits on social contact removed!!!  Celebrate!! Celebrate!! Celebrate!!!

And I’m sure we would all agree that the outcome is so worth celebrating!!

Meeting up with friends and family again, being able to socialise, travel, go to the pub, all the things we took for granted, that were suddenly taken away from us because of this awful pandemic.

I’m sure we will never, ever take those things for granted again and will be thankful and grateful and hug our friends and family close and celebrate our freedom!

We have come through so much! The road has been dark and terrible! Thousands of lives lost, the economy suffering, businesses closed down, jobs lost, loneliness, isolation, anxiety about the future, cold winter days. We have paid an enormous price!

And yes it is so important, that on the last stretch, we do all we can to ensure we are celebrating the end of that road and the start of a new one that is full of joy, happiness and freedom.

We still have our bit to do. Social distancing, staying at home where possible, wearing our dreaded masks, but each of these things we do, those baby steps, is moving us closer to that day in June in a few months time when we will finally have achieved what we wanted! Life without lockdown!!

So although it may seem a while off, slow progress and a lot having to go right for us to be able to get there, just look how far we have come!!

We have come through a year that has been like no other and hopefully never will be again! The start of the pandemic with no end in sight, no vaccine and no hope and yet we kept going, trudging along that dark road that has now given way to the hope of a bright new road, just baby steps away!

We just need to hold our faith and belief a little while longer!

We’ve done a year, so we can certainly do another few months! And we have the baby steps in between now and June to encourage and motivate us in getting to the end of that road.

And once those baby steps are complete and successful, we can make the giant leap to living life how we choose! Without restrictions!! Without lockdown!!

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