So it’s the start of 2021 and New Year is the time when most people will set goals for what they are hoping to achieve during the year. Particularly this year, when we are all glad to see the back of 2020! It may be losing weight, getting that dream job, meeting “The One,” gaining a new skill, staying healthy, keeping in touch more with friends and family, whatever it is, the start of the year seems to be the time we throw ourselves into goal setting. And this time, we say, we will stick to it!!

And as we all know, often what happens, we start with great enthusiasm and motivation, then come February, that enthusiasm and motivation has waned and once again, we become unstuck!

The reason for this is that we are so wrapped up in the goal, we are ignoring the outcome!

 We are not focusing on our compelling vision!! We are not looking at what it is we really want and why and what it would mean to us and how it would have a positive impact on our lives! Basically we are focusing on the goal and not the outcome that we want! And it is the outcome that will drive and guide the goal!

It is well-formed outcomes that make general goals into a compelling vision.

A well-formed outcome is big, bold, inspiring, motivating, flexible and allows us to dream of success in anything we want to do by giving us a believable vision.

A goal is set to achieve that outcome, then what often happens is that we focus so much on the goal, we lose sight of the outcome, because the goal has in effect, become the outcome and where our focus is.

This explains why often, when achieving a goal we are left asking ourselves “Now what?” It’s because we were too caught up in the goal rather than the outcome!

The important thing when setting an outcome is to know what you truly want, not how you will get it! Know what you truly want as that will inspire and motivate you. It will give you direction and focus and a call to action!

You don’t need to know the how, just the what! When you know what you want, the how will show up! A well-formed outcome is stated in the positive, takes into account where you are now as well as what you want and you will know when you have achieved it!

The goals you set to achieve your outcome are ongoing, the outcome remains the same, the big, bold, compelling, vision! You take the first steps because it is so much easier to take whatever action is needed because you are inspired, motivated and focused on success! You are unstoppable! Your goals guide you there!

Following these tips when setting your outcomes will really help your focus and clarity.

Know what you truly want and that it is stated in the positive!

How will you know when you have it? What will it look, feel and sound like?

You know where and when you want it!

You can take the necessary action. You are responsible and in control for achieving it!

It is good for you and your life! It will have a positive, empowering effect!

Visualise! When you have achieved your outcome, what is happening? What can you see? What can you hear? How do you feel? What is happening? What is the end in mind?

If you are unsure as to what your big bold  outcome is and what it is you truly want, a good question to ask yourself is:-

“What one thing would I dare to dream if I knew I could not fail? “

 So what would it be? Write it down! You’ve nothing to lose!! You know you cannot fail!! Dare to dream!! No matter what is happening at the moment!! Or how unlikely it may seem!! Answer the question!! Without limitations!!

 When you answer this, it becomes your X Factor, your focal point. When you answer this you have your Major definite purpose in life.Asking yourself this question will enable you to give much more thought to what you really want in life.

As a result, you will take more risks, you will take more chances, you will have greater clarity and decision making will be easier!

And if obstacles or barriers seem to challenge you. This is a great exercise for keeping the momentum going and moving forward towards your outcome! It encourages you to think and focus on “The End in Mind” the desired outcome you want, at times when you may doubt yourself and the progress you are making.

Walk the Line

Imagine you have already achieved your outcome. What would it feel, look and sound like? What is happening? Who is there? What’s going on? Make it as bright and bold as possible! Step into it! Associate with it! Enjoy it! Have fun with it!

Walk from a starting point along an imaginary line to where that place is, using a maximum of seven steps. This is because when breaking down an outcome, our brain will process no more than seven steps, so makes the exercise much more effective!

Turn and look back at the time between the starting point and the end point. How did you get to your outcome? What steps did you take? What was the first step? What was the last step? What happened in between?

Go back to the starting point and notice how you now feel when you look at that end point! What is happening? What changes have taken place?

Sometimes, we can lose sight of our desired outcome, because we focus on the obstacles and barriers. It’s a bit like having a mountain between you and your end result that prevents you from enjoying the view! This exercise breaks down that mountain so your path and vision are clear of obstructions!

So just focus on what you really want, take whatever action needed and keep on going!

Then your compelling vision will become your dreamed of reality!

And of course, you can dare to dream and set your big, bold outcomes any time of the year!! Not just when a new one starts!!

Blog written by Janet Wilks, NLP Practitoner and Coach

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