With all the negative things that are happening right now, COVID, lockdown, job losses, economy, it is understandable that we may be living in fear, rather than living in hope, as it all seems pretty hopeless!

Fear is ok in its place and in short bursts! It is part of our built in survival instinct and can keep us alive in a life or death situation when the fight or flight response kicks in and that’s great!

However living in a constant state of fear is certainly not good for our well being and can lead to all sorts of health problems!

Hope on the other hand is the opposite of fear! It’s what keeps us going, gives us something to live for and the belief that something good will happen! Or as Aristotle put it “Hope is a Waking Dream.”

Hope is looking at what’s the best that can happen, rather than what’s the worst that can happen, which is what we do when we are living in fear!

So how can we live in hope rather than fear particularly in these challenging times?

The first thing to do is to identify and acknowledge your fears. Sit down for a few minutes and think about what is you are afraid of! Be in the present! Be specific!  Notice the thoughts and feelings that come up! Notice what is going on inside! What are you seeing? What are you hearing? What are you feeling?

Write it all down! List it all! Everything!! It gets it out of your head and down on paper! Go through the list for a few minutes and then screw it up and bin it!! Or set fire to it! Or swallow it!! Get rid of it!!  The act of doing this installs in your mind that you have identified, faced and acknowledged those fears and they no longer have power over you, because you have taken your power back!

And that frees your mind up to focus on Hope!

What is it that you hope for? Even if it seems impossible at the moment do not be limited by your perspective of the evidence available!!

I remember many years ago when there were several fairly unsuccessful attempts to make a film of “Lord of the Rings.”

“Nobody will ever be able to make a film of it using people” I declared (Meaning it could only be made as an animation) ”They would never be able to create the characters or the places as they are in the book or tell the story in one film.” And then I said those dreadful words “it’s impossible!”

Well of course, in 1974, it was true that the technology was not available, the right film maker with the right vision was not around, the actors, sets, etc. and therefore, with all that evidence I could not see how it could possibly ever happen!

Fast forward another 30 odd years, not only was it possible, it became brilliantly, stunningly real and I was there at the premiere every year for all three films!

So whenever you believe “It’s impossible!” do not let your own perspective limit your hopes! Rather than think “impossible”, change your thinking to “Maybe not possible yet” and of course “yet” could mean a minute, an hour, a day, a week, a year). It opens up your mind to believing in possibilities! 

 Sit yourself down, let your mind drift and really focus on your hopes and dreams! And believe in their possibility! Be unlimited in your thinking!! Be hopeful!!! Be present and in the now!!

So what are your hopes?  Hopefully, going on a dream holiday?  Hopefully, COVID being eliminated? Hopefully, being able to socialise again? Hopefully, landing the dream job? Hopefully, getting back to work?  Visualise! (And we can all do that because if I ask you “What is the colour of your front door” you would have to bring a picture of it into your mind to be able to tell me!)  How happy are you feeling? What great things are you seeing and hearing? Crank it up! Have fun with it!!

 Write it all down! What you are hoping for in your life? Then stick it up somewhere you can see it!! Keep it uppermost in your mind!  Play with it! Add to it!

 This will increase your belief and faith that “Anything is possible!” No matter how impossible and hopeless it may seem at the moment!

And if fear starts creeping back into your mind, you banish it with your big bold beautiful hopes!

Neale Donald Walsch an American author and speaker said “It is never hopeless, because you are never helpless.”

So when you help yourself to hopefulness you will have the energy and motivation to focus on all things positive because you have opened your mind to the hope of possibilities without a limited perspective!

And we all have unlimited perspective! It’s just that at times we don’t realise it!

When we look out on the horizon, the point where land and sky meet-how do we know there is something beyond what we are seeing? How do we know that it does not stop there?

We just know. We understand that what we are seeing is an illusion. We have no doubt whatsoever that what we see as the horizon, is due to our limited perspective of how far we can see.

We know there is something beyond, we know our vision is limited. We have an unlimited perspective of what is beyond what we are seeing!

So, if we have so much hope, faith, belief and trust that there is something beyond the horizon, even though we can’t see it, we can apply that hope, faith, belief and trust in other things we can’t physically see. We know we can because we already do it!

When we know without question, there is so much more beyond what we can see. When we totally understand we have a limited physical perspective of what is real. When we believe, completely, in the endless and limitless. How much more would we broaden our horizons of hope, faith belief, trust and limitless, endless possibilities?

Fear – Face Everything And Rise!

Hope – Have Only Positive Expectations!

And then we are truly living our lives Hope Full and Fear Less!

Article Blog, Written by Janet Wilks, NLP Practictioner and Coach.

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